Wooden Chips Cutter/Banana Slicer with Tempered Blade

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  • malbyshop banana slicers are kitchen apparatuses utilized for cutting column bananas, potatoes, cucumbers, carrots, etc.
  • This slicer is adjustable. You can able to loose the screw and adjust the position of the blade as per the thickness to slice vegetables you want. There are two blades given you can change the direction of the blade relaxant the bolt and gently rotate forward or backward motion.
  • You can able to sand the blades when it was declining the sharpness as long use.
  • Product description

    Malbyshop displays the Wooden chips shaper with brilliant wood. Understanding the necessities of nibble enterprises everywhere throughout the world, we present our unequivocally designed Chips Cutter, which has carved a momentous spot in focused Indian markets in a limited ability to focus time. Effectively handle, our Banana cutting machines are structured in two models by utilizing a complex foundation. Highlights Sharp edge for smooth cutting and incredible quality. Easy to use You can quickly cut the serving of banana, blended greens Finely crush various vegetables like carrot, potatoes, Thin cuts of potatoes for wafers.

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