Unilife SS Chapati Maker (Economy)

Unilife SS Chapati Maker (Economy)

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  • Technical Specification:- Wattage: 900 W, Voltage: 230V, Frequency: 50 Hz AC
  • Food Grade Non-Stick Coated Casted Plates
  • Stainless Steel Outer Body
  • Extra Long Life Heating Elements
  • Automatic Temperature Cut-Off
  • Product description

    Food Grade Non-Stick Coated Casted Plates :- The Plate set is manufactured using special aluminum alloy. It remains in-shape on higher temperatures and ensures equal & quick heat distribution. It is designed to give your chapati a proper round shape, a good appearance & equal heat. The smooth surface with special German FOOD GRADE Non-Stick Coating (Done In-house) enables easy release. Extra Long Life Heating Element :- Heating Element is the heart of any appliance. Our heaters are manufactured in-house using superior quality raw materials & Swedish resistance wires and thus has a very long operational life. Temperature Control :- The thermostat is preset at the desired temperature. It enables proper browning & ensures that the chapati cooked is neither burnt nor it remains half cooked. It saves power as well. The thermostat has special heavy duty silver layered contacts which ensure accurate temperature and have much longer operational life (tested for one lakh cycles in lab). Copper Wire :- The cotton wire has copper conductors in rubber lining. It thus has a much longer life and can withstand heat for some time in case the appliance touches the cord accidentally, though it is recommended not to do so. Handle & Body :- The stylish handle is designed for comfortable grip. It rolls out the dough ball into a proper round chapati. Its high grade materials are shock proof & heat resistant so it remains cool even during long cooking sessions. The SS body is easy to clean and maintenance free.

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