POOL TOWEL (Laundry)

POOL TOWEL (Laundry)

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POOL TOWEL (Laundry)


Today, there are two general types of laundry bleaches on the market – “chlorine bleach” and color-safe, non-chorine bleach. When you want to keep your white clothing really white, or you want to totally eradicate a tough grape juice stain, you reach for the bleach. Non-chlorine bleach is an excellent alternative for color fabrics.


Clean Fresh Laundry captures the familiar just-pulled-from-the-dryer smell of perfectly laundered linens. With just a few sprays, this irresistible, fresh and crisp scent will embrace and comfort you just like your favorite white t-shirt.


Fabric softeners coat the surface of a fabric with chemical compounds that are electrically charged, causing threads to "stand up" from the surface so the fabric feels softer and makes it fluffier.

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