H Hy-tec (Device) Microwave Safe Stainless Steel Euro Lid Bowl, Blue - Set of 3

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  • Microwave Safe Euro Bowl Made Up Of 100% Stainless Steel
  • Easy To Clean and Easy To Maintain
  • Unbreakable Bowls
  • Contains Three Different Sizes
  • They Can Be Used To Cook, Reheat and Serve At The Same Time
  • From The Pen of Supplier:

    H Hy-tec Microwave Safe Stainless Steel Euro Bowl Set of 3. (1) Large Bowl. (1) Medium Bowl. (1) Small Bowl. Confident, Successful, Career-oriented woman at work and loving, caring, and understanding wife and mother at home. This bowl from H Hy-tec is something you would not want to miss. With these Multi-Purpose Bowls Set of 3 you can store food in the refrigerator, heat food directly from this bowl in the microwave oven, and even serve in the same bowl. This multi-purpose bowl with a red plastic outer shell and a steel body gives your kitchen a contemporary look. Red with a strikingly attractive red, high polish exterior and a plastic lid.

    H Hy-tec bowls are the perfect choice to store food and cook food in the microwave. Pop the leftovers in the fridge without the need to transfer them to a container.

    Salient Features:


    • Freezer safe.
    • Food grade safe.
    • Air and spill-proof containers.
    • Contains three different sizes.
    • They can be used to cook, reheat, and serve at the same time.
    • Innovative user-friendly design, international quality packaging.
    • Available in attractive designs & different colors.
    • Volume-- Large Bowl-1300ML, Medium Bowl-900ML, Small Bowl-500ML


    Care Instruction:


    • Hand washes or use a mild cycle in the dishwasher using the top rack.
    • Avoid abrasive scourers.
    • Avoid severe & sudden temperature changes.
    • Remove the lid before putting the glass container in the microwave.
    • When using in the freezer, only fill to a maximum of 80% as food & liquids expand when frozen.


    The kitchen is the heart of your home. Make it livelier with the all-new range of H Hy-tec products. Inspired by you, our products are just as smart, versatile, and reliable. In short, they are your joyful companions that care for you and your family. What’s more, its superior range of air-tight, spill-proof, and moisture-free storage containers keep your food fresh and tasty for longer.

    About The Brand

    H Hy-tec, a kitchen appliances brand started almost a decade back. H Hy-Tec is in the business of bringing quality products to your home. We develop and market an extensive range of home & kitchen products. Through our diverse collection runs a common thread of excellent design and superior quality. Over the years, we have earned a reputation for bringing the best in the world to the homes of those who have a discerning eye for quality and design. We have a wide range of home & kitchen products. The company has been at the forefront of innovation and has been the fastest-growing company in the kitchen appliance space.

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