Anirdesh Garlic Press; Kitchen Garlic Rocker, Ginger Crusher Stainless Steel Ergonomics Labor Saving with Plastic Comfortable Handle Easy to Wash; Garlic Crusher Squeezer

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  • Package Includes:- 1x Garlic Pressure
  • SAFE AND MAGIC GARLIC CUTTER MAKE FRESH GARLIC, Uses downward pressure and a "rocking" motion to quickly and efficiently crush garlic with minimal longer scared to of getting my fingers chopped up. Compare with a traditional garlic tool, it is also greater for those with arthritis.
  • MINIMAL GARLIC RESIDUE DESIGN, you can put it under a tap of running water without a tiny brush or through the dishwasher. Great garlic press that takes little effort to get maximum results.
  • MULTI-USE garlic mincer enables to crush peanuts and chop nuts in a breeze due to plastic and sturdy stainless steel construction---Efficient hole pattern maximizes the amount of garlic pressed, Comfortable finger grip design and annular pressure surface.
  • Product description

    Garlic press designed with sturdy construction with a large chamber for peeling. This garlic crusher set creates uniform-sized pieces from whole unpeeled garlic. When you're done, rinse clean or throw in the dishwasher. Say goodbye to garlic odor fingers! Eco-friendly, Best garlic press Kitchenaid for the chef, foodie, or garlic lover.

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